Microsoft Muppetry… who’d’ve thought?

In an act of incredible muppetry, Microsoft have managed to deploy a download system that only works on Windows 🙁


Microsoft Windows Home Server Beta 2

After hearing Paul Thurrott waxing lyrical about Windows Home Server on the (rather good) TWiT podcast (does that mean the same in the USA as here?), I decided to sign up for the beta… and this morning, it was accpeted!


Has it really come to this?

Heard just now on E4 – “and coming next on Channel 4 is our new comedy series, Blunder – filled with new catchphrases to learn and love”.


How has British humour descended to the level where the endless repetition of a phrase is considered high comedy?


More’s Wii allocation disappears in seconds!

Amazon posted that Nintendo’s Wii console could be pre-ordered from today at 9am. The product wasn’t actually listed until about 9:40, at which point it sold out within, literally, seconds. In the time it took to mis-enter my email address once (d’oh!) and then re-enter it correctly, all units had been sold.


I wonder what the size of Amazon’s allocation was?

MacBook Pro: Initial thoughts and impressions

Here’s a weird thing: I’ve always thought Apple’s hardware design was excellent. Up until now, all of my laptops have been from Sony (first an SR11k, then a Z1RSP – both from before everyone realised how evil Sony actually are) whose design quality is generally very high (and with excellent keyboards on the models I bought) – so the bar is set very high.


But I don’t think that’s it: It’s Apple’s fault.



MacBook Pro: Initial thoughts and impressions
Ordering & Delivery

So, after months of prevaricating, I finally bit the bullet and ordered myself a shiny new MacBook Pro direct from Apple.



fscking Web 1.0 applications!

Possibly the greatest problem of using UNIX-like systems all the time, is that it’s a little bit jarring to perform the context-switch into the Windows-like world of graphical browsers and suchlike.


Sometimes, though, the muscle-memory of the fingers outpace the, possibly temporarily distracted (hey, it’s been known to happen… occasionally), thought processes of the author. This is generally not a problem unless after, say, typing a significant amount of text for a long post, you realise just a fraction of a second too late that ctrl+w does not erase the word under the cursor in Mozilla 🙁


Indeed, even the excellent Tabbrowser Extentions‘ “Undo Close Tab” feature didn’t save me – as it successfully re-opened a virgin “Write Post” page.


I would encourage every WordPress user to quickly surf over to and download the AutoSave plugin. Right now. What are you waiting for? Shoo!

Caveat venditor…

Doing the shopping this evening in the local Sainsburys, I noticed that in their frozen range they had a particular product named “Nickable Chips”.


I wonder if this could be taken as an invitation…