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OSx86 Utilities

Mac OS X Leopard Retail DVD installation tools:
http://files.stuart.shelton.me/mac/MacOSXUSBInstaller.zip (20090204, 8.7Mb)
Update: 1.1 – Fix Quiet boot option, many small improvements

A roll-up of all of the tools and utilities needed to be able to install OS X from a retail DVD onto a Samsung NC10 (or other netbook) after booting from a USB data stick. See this article for full details.

efi_boot Kernel extension archive:
http://files.stuart.shelton.me/mac/EFI.tar.gz (20090119, 11Mb)

This is a complete /Volumes/EFI partition archive, with the minimum number of kernel extensions required for a Samsung NC10 to run Mac OS 10.5.6 with all known-working hardware enabled.

Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.7 Kernel Extension Update package:
http://files.stuart.shelton.me/mac/Extensions-10.5.7.tar.bz2 (20090513, 4.6Mb)

To upgrade from OS X 10.5.6 or prior to 10.5.7, simply download the Apple Combo Updater (rather than using Software Update to install the Delta Updater, which can leave mangled file permissions entries), mount your EFI partition, backup your existing Extensions directory, and replace the original contents with the files from this archive. Then, without rebooting apply the Combo update first and then only restart when requested. The computer will boot to the Apple logo with spinner and then immediately reboot – this is normal. On the second reboot, you’ll be running 10.5.7 with an optimised driver set!

Samsung NC10 DSDT replacement for machines without built-in 3G modems only:
http://files.stuart.shelton.me/mac/non-3G/DSDT.aml (20081209, 16k)

If using efi_boot version 6.1 or higher, then simply drop this file into the root of the /Volumes/EFI/ file system to make minor DSDT changes which may aid the booting of Mac OS 10.5.6. This replacement data has been tested against firmware releases from 02.CA (initial release) to 04.CA (latest release).

Samsung NC10 DSDT replacement for machines with built-in 3G modems only:
http://files.stuart.shelton.me/mac/3G/DSDT.aml (20090209, 16k)

If using efi_boot version 6.1 or higher, then simply drop this file into the root of the /Volumes/EFI/ file system to make minor DSDT changes which may aid the booting of Mac OS 10.5.6.

Audieee Azalia audio-switching utility for the Samsung NC10:
http://files.stuart.shelton.me/mac/Audieee-NC10.dmg (20090201, 244k)

With the Azalia audio extensions (AzaliaAudio.pkg.zip, or included in the kext Archive above) installed, this application provides a graphical interface and menu-bar switcher for changing sound output from the internal speakers to the headphone jack. This has been customised for the NC10 specifically, and is different to the standard Audieee application.
Many thanks to Jamie Curmi for making this possible!


picoLCD / mini-box M200 Mini-ITX chassis utilities

picoLCD menu system:
http://files.stuart.shelton.me/unix/usbctl.sh (20081027, 16k)

This control system requires binaries from the mini-box picoLCD SDK installed into /usr/local/bin/. If beep is installed and your system has a PC speaker, then you’ll also get auditory feedback.

lcdsplash” driver for Gentoo Linux:
http://files.stuart.shelton.me/unix/gentoo/pico (20081027, 3k)

emerge sys/apps/lcdsplash and then drop this file into /lib/rcscripts/lcdsplash/ and set “LCD_MODULE="pico"” in /etc/lcdsplash.conf.


Gentoo Linux

SilverStripe ebuild:
http://files.stuart.shelton.me/unix/gentoo/silverstripe.ebuild.tar.bz2 (20090210, 2k)

A Gentoo ebuild for the SilverStripe CMS web-app. Simply extract to a directory such as /usr/local/portage/ and ensure that PORTDIR_OVERLAY is set the the same location in /etc/make.conf, then “emerge -v silverstripe” as usual.