[ About me ]


A little background would probably be handy to make any sense of the other entries in this blog 😉


I’m Stuart (and it you didn’t gather that from the enormous great logo at the top of the page, you’d probably be better off elsewhere), and at the time of writing I’m 26. I was born in Nottingham and have since lived in Lincolnshire, Cheshire, Coventry and Cambridge. After reading Computer Systems Engineering at the University of Warwick and graduating with a Masters Degree, I spent a thankfully short amount of time working for Barclays Capital on Canary Wharf. This was fantastic life-experience which taught me that there’s more important things than money, and helped me come to realise the sort of people that I really want to be working for and working with. On returning to Cambridge I was quickly snapped up by Zeus Technologies (the web server people) where I happily stayed for almost three years. I’ve now just moved on to Open Objects, another Cambridge software company who are based literally just down the road from where I was before.

Since I moved house on December 12th, I’ve made a point of walking to work and back every day, rather than using the car (something which I had no choice in before moving). After a somewhat shaky start, I’ve gone for the past two weeks without failing to walk each day – and, best of all, I’m actually losing weight in the process! The downside at the moment seems to be achy feet… I’m hoping this will pass once my body gets used to the idea that I’m actually serious about keeping this up 🙂


I have a predilection for old, obsolete, and generally damned interesting computers – my office desktop is a Silicon Graphics Octane. You’ll probably hear lots about it – it’s my pride and joy. I’ve still got to come up with a decent hostname, though…