fscking Web 1.0 applications!

Possibly the greatest problem of using UNIX-like systems all the time, is that it’s a little bit jarring to perform the context-switch into the Windows-like world of graphical browsers and suchlike.


Sometimes, though, the muscle-memory of the fingers outpace the, possibly temporarily distracted (hey, it’s been known to happen… occasionally), thought processes of the author. This is generally not a problem unless after, say, typing a significant amount of text for a long post, you realise just a fraction of a second too late that ctrl+w does not erase the word under the cursor in Mozilla 🙁


Indeed, even the excellent Tabbrowser Extentions‘ “Undo Close Tab” feature didn’t save me – as it successfully re-opened a virgin “Write Post” page.


I would encourage every WordPress user to quickly surf over to twilightuniverse.com and download the AutoSave plugin. Right now. What are you waiting for? Shoo!