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The Oh-My-God particle

John Walker of Fourmilab Switzerland, founder of Autodesk and author of AutoCAD wrote in 1994 about the Oh-My-God particle – a proton that was detected travelling at only 1½ femtometres per second slower than the speed of light.



Insecurity and the Internet

As I mentioned before, I recently started playing with a Slim Devices Squeezebox and the SlimServer software that goes with it.


This I’m hugely impressed with – not only because it’s written in platform-neutral perl (and thus, just worked out of the box with my IRIX64 Octane. The IRIX O2 that I’m running it from now took a little hacking – but that’s perl’s fault rather than Slim Devices).



Someone at VIA is smokin’ crack

So I finally found out why my new 1.2GHz VIA motherboard was running at 400MHz, and how to change it. I’ve been through all of the on-line and paper documentation, and confirmed that this is documented exactly nowhere.



Seen on slashdot

Slashdot was today reporting the news that SGI has finally made an End-of-Line announcement on IRIX and all MIPS-based hardware 🙁


(Although this might mean that Tezro finally appear en-masse on eBay <drool>)


Amongst the discussion was this gem:


Democracy is a sheep and two wolves deciding what to have for lunch.
Freedom is a well armed sheep contesting the issue


Anyone else thinking of Worms right now? 😉

Installing Gentoo onto a VIA EN12000G C7 Mini-ITX server

The trials and tribulations of building a terabyte storage appliance from first principles…