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Dell PowerEdge SC1435 Review

Despite the fact that Intel has the server market practically sown up (in the x86 space), the Pentium 4 architecture is inefficient and inelegant. So, when it came to buying a pair of new servers for infrastructure services, I decided to investigate the AMD-based offerings. From the Tier 1 vendors Dell, IBM, and HP all now have Opteron-based offerings.



Has it really come to this?

Heard just now on E4 – “and coming next on Channel 4 is our new comedy series, Blunder – filled with new catchphrases to learn and love”.


How has British humour descended to the level where the endless repetition of a phrase is considered high comedy?


More’s Wii allocation disappears in seconds!

Amazon posted that Nintendo’s Wii console could be pre-ordered from today at 9am. The product wasn’t actually listed until about 9:40, at which point it sold out within, literally, seconds. In the time it took to mis-enter my email address once (d’oh!) and then re-enter it correctly, all units had been sold.


I wonder what the size of Amazon’s allocation was?

MacBook Pro: Initial thoughts and impressions

Here’s a weird thing: I’ve always thought Apple’s hardware design was excellent. Up until now, all of my laptops have been from Sony (first an SR11k, then a Z1RSP – both from before everyone realised how evil Sony actually are) whose design quality is generally very high (and with excellent keyboards on the models I bought) – so the bar is set very high.


But I don’t think that’s it: It’s Apple’s fault.



MacBook Pro: Initial thoughts and impressions
Ordering & Delivery

So, after months of prevaricating, I finally bit the bullet and ordered myself a shiny new MacBook Pro direct from Apple.