Has it really come to this?

Heard just now on E4 – “and coming next on Channel 4 is our new comedy series, Blunder – filled with new catchphrases to learn and love”.


How has British humour descended to the level where the endless repetition of a phrase is considered high comedy?


(I’d go on to discuss the lowest-common denominator – but you’d really be better talking to a sociologist)


Honestly, I think that the Fast Show took this style of comedy to it’s logical conclusion years ago – and I suspect that the drivel often presented as comedy these days (when was the last time a BBC Three comedy program either made you smile, or lasted for more than a single season?) is probably due to programme producers and controllers being too conservative to commission anything new or radical, and too worried of being seen as conservative to commission something now considered old-hat – such as a decent sit-com. So instead we get endless variations of what they think people want.


(It’s the SJIC rice situation all over again… I must remember to blog that at some point! )