Vista design mis-features

Windows Vista? Microsoft Windows Vista? Microsoft Vista? What is this operating system’s name? In any case, it still has may niggly or broken features… I’ve noticed several strange behaviors of Vista since installing it to dual-boot on my MacBook Pro.


Wii Opera Browser released this morning!!

I just thought I’d mention it 😉

The new broswer requires a System Update, then an Application Update of the browser from the Shopping Channel.

The actual browser is (now) a joy to use – the (auto) scaling and scrolling work perfectly, there are no black borders, and the control bar can either auto-hide and be manually toggled. The entire UI is much-streamlined too.


One step forwards, two steps back – hardware support for Linux

We’ve recently been looking at buying a new low-cost server for running demos from. To reduce costs, we went for a standard consumer motherboard, and the system will, naturally, be running Linux.

I’ve become fairly disillusioned with the PCs in general (get a Mac!) and so I’ve not been keeping up to date with the latest developments in the PC world… what I found shocked me.


“Now, I am become Solaris, the destroyer of efficient coding”

A couple of weeks ago I attended the OpenSolaris stream of the Sun Microsystems’ “Tech Days 2007” developers conference in London (actually in a church at Westminster, just across from the houses of commons. In fact, whilst I was there I saw David Blunket being taken for a walk by his minder. His dog was galavanting around freely. This was also when the protesters were gathered outside trying to influence the vote over whether Britain should renew her Trident Missile system – and what a surprising eloquent, friendly, and outgoing group of people they were).


Houston, we have a (weight) problem…

The BBC reports that “Buzz” Aldrin was the first person the officially enter the new Grand Canyon Skywalk.

The BBC article states that the Skywalk structure is capable of supporting a weight of 35,000 tons – but that only 120 people can be within it at any one time… welcome to the world of the 300 ton American! 😀

Apple Mac OS X 10.4.9 released

Fax receiving now works when the country code is set to France.” – how does this happen by accident??

(P.S. Isn’t “Mac OS X 10” at least partially redundant?)

Microsoft Muppetry… who’d’ve thought?

In an act of incredible muppetry, Microsoft have managed to deploy a download system that only works on Windows 🙁


Microsoft Windows Home Server Beta 2

After hearing Paul Thurrott waxing lyrical about Windows Home Server on the (rather good) TWiT podcast (does that mean the same in the USA as here?), I decided to sign up for the beta… and this morning, it was accpeted!


Rooms for rent!

Despite looking (quite literally) as if a bomb has hit it, my house continues to progress nicely. I think we’re about at the point now where everything really starts coming together fast: the new kitchen has arrived and is going to be fitted over the next couple of weeks, the bathroom now has the toilet and basin fitted and only needs tiling, painting, and the glass-block wall between the show and sunken bath building – and once they’re out of the way I’ll be able to move back in. Hurrah!

(At which point I’ll also be able to start walking to work again, which – given the blazing sunnt spring days we’ve been having recently – should be lovely)

I’ve placed adverts for the rooms at Gum Tree and on the Cambridge Accommodation Notice Board, and the response has been great! I’ve had several people come around to take a look, and I’m now just waiting to hear back for ⅔ to have already gone!

… and Sony’s not keen on you either

Although not widely publicised, Sony has quietly let slip that they have dropped hardware backwards-compatibility from the European PlayStation3 as a cost-reducing measure, even though the more affordable 20Gb variant will not be available and the 60Gb console is likely to cost more here than in either Japan or the Americas.