… and Sony’s not keen on you either

Although not widely publicised, Sony has quietly let slip that they have dropped hardware backwards-compatibility from the European PlayStation3 as a cost-reducing measure, even though the more affordable 20Gb variant will not be available and the 60Gb console is likely to cost more here than in either Japan or the Americas.

More recently, Sony have settled their problems with licensing force-feedback technology, and have suggested that the PlayStation3 controller will soon be upgraded to add back the ability to rumble.

Whilst all well and good, this article raises some good points regarding developer support and patience for changing hardware specifications.

Having said all of this, the Home service (based very much, it appears, on Second Life) is a very interesting idea – it’ll be interesting to see the form in which it is finally released, and how it is recieved. The mention at this early stage of featuring significant amounts of in-world advertising prime the warning bells, though…