Rooms for rent!

Despite looking (quite literally) as if a bomb has hit it, my house continues to progress nicely. I think we’re about at the point now where everything really starts coming together fast: the new kitchen has arrived and is going to be fitted over the next couple of weeks, the bathroom now has the toilet and basin fitted and only needs tiling, painting, and the glass-block wall between the show and sunken bath building – and once they’re out of the way I’ll be able to move back in. Hurrah!

(At which point I’ll also be able to start walking to work again, which – given the blazing sunnt spring days we’ve been having recently – should be lovely)

I’ve placed adverts for the rooms at Gum Tree and on the Cambridge Accommodation Notice Board, and the response has been great! I’ve had several people come around to take a look, and I’m now just waiting to hear back for ⅔ to have already gone!