From the monitorix.conf(5) man-page:

              This option toggles network values between bits and bytes per second.

              Default value: n

… well, I’m glad that’s cleared up then!

T-shirt War!

Stop-motion animation rocks 🙂

Do I eat …what now?

Well, how do you read this?!

I Eat... Animals?

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“Stop, you’re only making it worse…”

Gotta love YouTube 🙂


It’s all down to context

The SureFire ShotTimer is an effective, convenient way for shooting enthusiasts, law enforcement officers, and military personnel” … blimey, steady on! … “to improve their shooting skills and monitor their progress.” … ahh 😉

ShotTimer (not available in the UK, where we obviously don’t think that military personnel, law enforcement officers and enthusiasts should be shot)

A literary jewel…

Sometimes, you’ve got to love the oft-maligned BBC, such as in today’s news story “Swearing removed from kids’ book” where they somewhat delicately state:

In future editions, the offending word will be altered by one letter and replaced with “twit”.

Verily, I doff my cap to the writer who devised that most excellent turn of phrase.

Many thanks to Richard for laughing heartily when he read the original article

Best video review ever

This is without a doubt the best video review of a game that I’ve ever seen 😉

Zero Punctuation Reviews


We, ah… may need emergency surgery


Oxymoron of the day