Fun with Google Instant

This is the second mention of Billy Joel on this blog…

Shuttle time-lapse

This is just incredible…


Look Ma, I’m on TV!

The other weekend I spent Sunday at RAF Upwood, an abandoned RAF base near Peterborough, on a photo-shoot organised by Alex Beckett. Alex has put together a video of the event, featuring some of the most striking photographs taken.

If you keep your eyes peeled, you might even spot me in a couple of the pictures 🙂


xkcd: We Didn’t Start The Fire?

Does the alt text in today’s xkcd remind anyone else of Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start The Fire”?

… a less painfully eighties (is there any music-video cliché not used in this video?) lyrics-only version can be viewed here instead.


T-shirt War!

Stop-motion animation rocks 🙂

New music…

Last night on Radio One, Zane Lowe played an interesting track from a Folk band named “Mumford & Sons“.



Somebody needs to start building these things now


“Stop, you’re only making it worse…”

Gotta love YouTube 🙂


Interesting & geeky stuff on YouTube

Cool videos from times past after the break…


Awesome :)

The 10 year-old in me is hugely impressed 😀

The eBay auction, while it lasts.