… and now that I’ve got your attention, may I present “Nude/Big Ideas (Don’t Get Any)” by Radiohead in all its 8-bit(!) glory.


Time … stops

From the looks of the video, these guys did really well…

Best video review ever

This is without a doubt the best video review of a game that I’ve ever seen 😉

Daft Punk

Harder Bodies Faster StrongerSFW, honest 😉

Zero Punctuation Reviews


We, ah… may need emergency surgery


What’s the internet for, again?

Ah, the genius of combining two of the best uses of the ‘net in one place [] 😉

If you’ve not already been to see it, Avenue Q is truly excellent 🙂

(And bridging a neat gap between this post and the previous, apparently “Nobody knows how to spell “bestiality”“! [])