Server change

Perhaps WordPress has become slower in recent releases, perhaps I’ve broken something by running a non-prelinked system – but in any case, running this blog from my trustworthy SGI O2 was just getting too slow.

I’ve just finished migrating everything from there to the server which runs the house’s RAID storage system – a 1.2GHz Via C7. The blog is now definitely faster, but not by as much as I’d anticipated…

Currently, the remainder of the website is still running from the O2, but this may soon change: I recently changed power companies to Southern Electric (yes, the ones who just recently raised all of their prices ) and got a free power monitor for joining. It seems that even in a quiescent state, the house uses about 800-900Wh, and I’m seeing what I can do to bring this down. In addition, if I move the O2 and the attached 1600SW into my new computer-cupboard, where it’ll at least be accessible, then I can get some proper use out of this fantastic display. Currently, it’s out of the way in cubby-hole below the stairs – which seems to be a shame.

Then all I’ll need is a HomePlug AV setup in order to get it back on the network… time for more toys, methinks 😀