A good summary of the arguments is here.

twitter is on fire over the issue too.

In terms of the 3GS, the additional battery life, processor speed, and the magnetic compass are great features. Voice control is neat if coupled with a Bluetooth headset. I’d imagine that hardware-accelerated 3D is probably more of an effort to reduce power usage when rendering graphics than anything else – will any developer dare release an application which requires 3D acceleration over the next year?

In terms of the GM 3.0 firmware release, the mixed-up icons bug in the 3.0b5 version seems to be fixed, and the whole thing feels faster (less debug code?) Having gone through all five beta versions, by far the best feature for me is that application positions are now backed-up and restored with the rest of the phone data – no more spending hours shifting icons around following an update!

Now to work out whether the App Store will accept multiple versions of applications for 2.x and 3.0 users…