Updated DSDT for Samsung NC10

If running Mac OS on a non-Apple laptop, then there’s a sting in the tail of the forthcoming 10.5.6 update: it appears that the new kernel only wants to run with ACPI HPETs, and will fail on boot if legacy i8254/RTC timers have interrupts assigned to them.

To fix this, a replacement ACPI Differentiated System Description Table is required. efi_boot, version 6.1 or above, has the ability to replace the DSDT supplied to the kernel from the system firmware with a customised one: Simply place the alternative DSDT.aml in the root of the EFI volume – generally /Volumes/EFI/.

Getting the correct DSDT is another job altogether. Luckily for Samsung NC10 owners, I’ve already made the relevant edits (based on the original 02CA firmware) and recompiled successfully – and the updated binary is available here!

One caveat, however: Since I’m not part of the Apple Developer programme and have no interest in downloading non-legitimate copies of (Snow) Leopard, I’ve not yet been able to test this with 10.5.6 itself. I’m hopeful that when the update is released and with this patch already in place, efi_boot‘s overlays will allow me up perform the upgrade without any more hassle than on a real Mac 🙂