Fixing Microsoft Lync 2011 “image not found” crash on Mac OS X

On the 12th December, Microsoft released update 14.0.7 to Lync for Mac. Unfortunately, after installing, launching Lync now results in this:

Lync 2011 Crash Report

… which, after close scrutiny, is due to Microsoft having failed to fully QA the new release by omitting to test it at all on any Mac with a case-sensitive filesystem: The new update is linked against ‘USBHidWrapper.framework’, whilst the framework is actually named ‘USBHIDWrapper.framework’.

Very unhelpfully, Microsoft also remove all previous downloads for a given product when a new update is released, so it’s not possible to revert to the (working) 14.0.6 release.

Very disappointing. Especially since this update has been live for seven days now, and no revision has appears to be forthcoming.

Until they get their QA department in order, though, here is a fix:

cd /Applications/Microsoft\ \
&& ln -s USBHIDWrapper.framework USBHidWrapper.framework

… which is the minimally-invasive fix for the issue, and doesn’t seem to cause any app-signing issues.