Music management

So, you’ve encoded all of your CDs (still illegal in the UK) onto your computer, or even a storage array, and you realise that the filenames don’t always match the track title.



You cannot be serious?!

Who says you never read anything useful on slashdot


Mini-ITX Terabyte Storage Array

Back before everyone left Zeus, Vivek and I had an ongoing bet to see if either of us could find the components on eBay to build a terabyte storage array for less than £1000.

At about the same time, I saw a review of the Buffalo TeraStation – which looked like a great product, but was priced at around £800 at the time. With the falling cost of storage, it’s now available for just over £500. I had decided that I wanted a terabyte storage array of my own, and I wanted one that ran Linux so that I could add additional services and install my own programs.


WordPress Twilight AutoSave cosmetic fix

There’s a bugette in TWA that leads to cosmetic display problem on Mozilla:


If the post is longer than 100 lines, the remainder should be replaced with ”


“, which is fine. However, if the post length is less than that, ”


” is instead displayed, which is confusing.



fscking Web 1.0 applications!

Possibly the greatest problem of using UNIX-like systems all the time, is that it’s a little bit jarring to perform the context-switch into the Windows-like world of graphical browsers and suchlike.


Sometimes, though, the muscle-memory of the fingers outpace the, possibly temporarily distracted (hey, it’s been known to happen… occasionally), thought processes of the author. This is generally not a problem unless after, say, typing a significant amount of text for a long post, you realise just a fraction of a second too late that ctrl+w does not erase the word under the cursor in Mozilla 🙁


Indeed, even the excellent Tabbrowser Extentions‘ “Undo Close Tab” feature didn’t save me – as it successfully re-opened a virgin “Write Post” page.


I would encourage every WordPress user to quickly surf over to and download the AutoSave plugin. Right now. What are you waiting for? Shoo!

Caveat venditor…

Doing the shopping this evening in the local Sainsburys, I noticed that in their frozen range they had a particular product named “Nickable Chips”.


I wonder if this could be taken as an invitation…

The Oh-My-God particle

John Walker of Fourmilab Switzerland, founder of Autodesk and author of AutoCAD wrote in 1994 about the Oh-My-God particle – a proton that was detected travelling at only 1½ femtometres per second slower than the speed of light.



Insecurity and the Internet

As I mentioned before, I recently started playing with a Slim Devices Squeezebox and the SlimServer software that goes with it.


This I’m hugely impressed with – not only because it’s written in platform-neutral perl (and thus, just worked out of the box with my IRIX64 Octane. The IRIX O2 that I’m running it from now took a little hacking – but that’s perl’s fault rather than Slim Devices).



Someone at VIA is smokin’ crack

So I finally found out why my new 1.2GHz VIA motherboard was running at 400MHz, and how to change it. I’ve been through all of the on-line and paper documentation, and confirmed that this is documented exactly nowhere.



Seen on slashdot

Slashdot was today reporting the news that SGI has finally made an End-of-Line announcement on IRIX and all MIPS-based hardware 🙁


(Although this might mean that Tezro finally appear en-masse on eBay <drool>)


Amongst the discussion was this gem:


Democracy is a sheep and two wolves deciding what to have for lunch.
Freedom is a well armed sheep contesting the issue


Anyone else thinking of Worms right now? 😉