Thinking different(ly)?

Indistinguishable from magic…

Gareth has an iPod Touch, which he’s just updated to firmware 2.0 (at even more cost – and that he’s not best pleased about…), which adds many of the iPhone’s location-aware services. The Touch, of course, lacks any 3G/GSM circuitry and bluetooth – leaving only WiFi for position acquisition. Even though my name-server at home doesn’t contain any geographic records, his Touch was able to instantly plot the specific location we were.

Breathtaking O2 incompetence reduces iPhone 3G launch to farce

Cambridge has one Apple Store (in the seemingly Bioshock-inspired Grand Arcade), one O2 shop, and two Carphone Warehouses.

Having decided that it’s finally time to replace my venerable Motorola RAZR V3, and never having been to an Apple product launch before* (albeit one at a local store) I decided to try my luck at the Apple Store itself – which turned out to have been a good idea for all of the wrong reasons…