Safari 4 breaks GrowlMail :(

The two current solutions are to remove ‘GrowlMail.bundle‘ from “~/Library/Mail/Bundles” (or wherever it is installed), or to execute the command:

defaults write GMSummaryMode -int 2

… to disable the Detailed Summary mode, which misinteracts with the Safari 4 version of WebKit.

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Also, to return to a sane set of HIGs, run the following commands:

defaults write DebugSafari4TabBarIsOnTop -bool FALSE
defaults write DebugSafari4IncludeToolbarRedesign -bool FALSE
defaults write DebugSafari4LoadProgressStyle -bool FALSE

… and then Quit and restart Safari 4 to put tabs back where they should be and restore the blue aqua-style progress bar within the address bar.

(You’ll probably also then want to “Customize Toolbar…” and add back in the “Stop/Reload” and “Add Bookmark” controls between the Forward/Backward control and the Address Bar)

Without the latter, there’s no way to gauge the progress of a loading page – something which I, at least, sorely miss.

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