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Building a 32-bit kernel on a 64-bit host…

Having tried m0n0wall and pfSense without much success (I basically need a filtering bridge: with m0n0wall bridging WAN to OPT and with LAN disconnected, everything is fine until I enable traffic shaping, at which point the throughput reduces to almost nothing; with pfSense, I gave up on the third attempt at configuration because it had corrupted its own CompactFlash filesystem), I’ve decided to install Linux on my ALIX 2C3.

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xkcd: We Didn’t Start The Fire?

Does the alt text in today’s xkcd remind anyone else of Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start The Fire”?

… a less painfully eighties (is there any music-video cliché not used in this video?) lyrics-only version can be viewed here instead.

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