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Mac OS 10.5/Leopard on the Samsung NC10

Initially I ordered a Dell Inspiron 910/Mini 9, after reading about how easy it was to get Leopard running on these machines. However, after initially quoting 15 days delivery then then, on the 15th day, extended this to 30 days – at which point I cancelled the order.

Instead, due to its looks and frankly astonishing battery life, I ordered a Samsung NC10.

As it turns out, although all Atom netbooks are created equal, some are more equal than others – especially where OS X compatibility is concerned…


It’s all down to context

The SureFire ShotTimer is an effective, convenient way for shooting enthusiasts, law enforcement officers, and military personnel” … blimey, steady on! … “to improve their shooting skills and monitor their progress.” … ahh 😉

ShotTimer (not available in the UK, where we obviously don’t think that military personnel, law enforcement officers and enthusiasts should be shot)


Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 5000

Finally having built a (just-about) usable PC for the first time in years, I’m considering performing an equally radical upgrade to my input peripherals: Lacking the desk space for a Wacom Intuos3 A5 Wide tablet, I’m looking for a new keyboard and mouse to replace my existing Microsoft Natural Keyboard Pro and Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer.