A literary jewel…

Sometimes, you’ve got to love the oft-maligned BBC, such as in today’s news story “Swearing removed from kids’ book” where they somewhat delicately state:

In future editions, the offending word will be altered by one letter and replaced with “twit”.

Verily, I doff my cap to the writer who devised that most excellent turn of phrase.

Many thanks to Richard for laughing heartily when he read the original article

Internet Technology

Speed test: 802.11n vs. HomePlug AV

I have a somewhat complex home network setup consisting of seperate 802.11n and 802.11b/g wireless routers, HomePlug AV (which is supposed to present a maximum throughput of 200Mb/s to 100Mb ethernet jacks), and a mixture of gigabit ethernet and fast ethernet devices – but I’ve never actually checked to see how these connection methods differ.