Small signs that we’ve definitely got something very wrong…

I was in the local Co-op today, trying to find some fruit juice. There were those which announced on the front of the carton that they were reconstituted from concentrate, and those where you had to read the small-print on the back.

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Nintendo DS has region-locked online play :(

Sometimes, you discover things that realy make you blood boil – especially if apparently motivated by thoughtlessness rather than by design…

Take, for example, the Nintendo DS: an excellent handheld games console (and web browser 😉 ). At first glance, it has an excellent pair of screens, it has lots of innovative an interesting games, and it really has hearts and minds behind it. In addition, the battery life is just incredible. The coup de grâce is that the console is not region-locked, so imported games (which are invariably released months sooner than UK games) can be played without problems… or so it seemed.

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Cost of the war

An photo-article at The Boston Globe looks at what else the money so far spent on the invasion of Iraq could have been used for…

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HD DVD processing key discovered, AACS LA not happy

The AACS LA have resorted to the desperate last-ditch action of issuing Cease & Desist notices to websites publishing the simple sequence of numbers:

09 F9 11 02 9D 74 E3 5B D8 41 56 C5 63 56 88 C0


Vodafone/Hauwei USB HSDPA Modem & Vista

We “upgraded” our Vodafone PCMCIA data cards for USB versions when we bought new laptops with ExpressCard rather than PCMCIA sockets, only to find that the rebranded Huawei E220 was not recognised by Vista at all 🙁

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