Someone at VIA is smokin’ crack

So I finally found out why my new 1.2GHz VIA motherboard was running at 400MHz, and how to change it. I’ve been through all of the on-line and paper documentation, and confirmed that this is documented exactly nowhere.


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Seen on slashdot

Slashdot was today reporting the news that SGI has finally made an End-of-Line announcement on IRIX and all MIPS-based hardware 🙁


(Although this might mean that Tezro finally appear en-masse on eBay <drool>)


Amongst the discussion was this gem:


Democracy is a sheep and two wolves deciding what to have for lunch.
Freedom is a well armed sheep contesting the issue


Anyone else thinking of Worms right now? 😉


Installing Gentoo onto a VIA EN12000G C7 Mini-ITX server

The trials and tribulations of building a terabyte storage appliance from first principles…



Welcome to the 90’s…

I’m glad that PC technology is so advanced nowadays… I saw a PC World advert on TV just now:


Greasy youth: “Dual-core? What’s that?”
Assistant: “Dual-core lets you do more than one thing at once – downloading your emails while you upload your photos


Well thank goodness for that! PC World has finally discovered co-operative multitasking.


(… which, yes, was already old by the 70’s. And the Amiga had pre-emptive multitasking from day 1 :))

Humour Internet Video

What’s the internet for, again?

Ah, the genius of combining two of the best uses of the ‘net in one place [] 😉

If you’ve not already been to see it, Avenue Q is truly excellent 🙂

(And bridging a neat gap between this post and the previous, apparently “Nobody knows how to spell “bestiality”“! [])


Shiny toys

Gadgets seem to be like busses – you get nothing for ages, and then three arrive all at once!


Well, yesterday I not only recieved a warranty replacement D-Link DWl2100AP (my old one failed at the start of the week… but D-Link offer a two-year warranty, and managed to send a replacement within a day! Kudos :)) but also a slimline Rumble Pack for my new Nintendo DS Lite (the black one, of course), and my scan order.


Now this order was for almost £1000 (eek!) yet it still took them a week to even pick the items from their warehouse! Now, if anything had been out of stock then I’d understand – but they showed plenty of stock for everything I ordered both when the order was placed, and for the next week.


I also currently have two Squeezeboxes (Squeezeboxen?) – although one of these is for Chris – and all of the parts (save for a motherboard) I need to construct my 1Tb storage array… more on this later.


My lounge now looks like a cardboard bomb hit it 😉

Computer Games Internet

Just … what?

There’s a Japanese guy whose site has some of the coolest and strangest Flash games on the web – Grow RPG is genius.


Brand new is Chronon [] – there’s a little yellow guy trapped in a cage inside a large grey monster’s house. Your job is to help the little guy out by manipulating the objects in the room around him – but the crucial tool is that you can skip forwards and backwards in time at will to set things up for later.


It reminds me of a game called Time Machine [] on the ZX Spectrum [] which had a similar concept of earlier actions altering the later state of the world.


In the case of Chronon, though, it’s characteristicly totally nuts (in a very Japanese way… this is the country which came up with Katamari Damacy) – but worth persevering with, if only to see what crazy thing happens next 😉


Highly recommended!


“Unintended irony”…

You’ve just got to wonder at times…

How to Break Windows Notepad [].

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