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Foxconn motherboard ACPI breakage still not fixed :(

Further to the situation documented here:, it appears that Foxconn are still shipping motherboards with BIOS which are either intentionally or inadvertently broken under any non-Windows OS.

In fact, the situation is worse – the ACPI DSDT tables of the Foxconn A79A-S 790FX/SB750 contain, according to the Intel ‘iasl‘ ACPI compiler, 177 Errors, 8 Warnings, and 3 possible optimisations.

I can only strongly advise anyone who has any interest in open systems or running any OS other than, or in addition to Windows to look elsewhere. The Asus M3A79-T Deluxe is over £70 cheaper for a better specified board, if you’re happy to lose two PCI-E 16x slots in return for two more PCI slots.

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My bad – the Asus does also have 4 PCI-E slots… and they’re close enough together that a standard Crossfire bridge-board can be used (unlike the Foxconn, which requires a non-standard, non-supplied longer model. Goodness only knows where you’re supposed to get one of these from if you need one…)

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